Thursday, July 23, 2009

Becoming Qualified to Teach ESL

Gail from the U.S. writes: How do I go about becoming qualified to teach ESL to adults? I have taught English for 30 years to junior high school students. I am looking for something rewarding to do. I've always enjoyed working with ESL students in my public school.

Dear Gail:

Teaching ESL to adults is certainly rewarding. And it sounds like you have a great start. As for "becoming qualified to teach ESL," it will depend upon where you want to teach. Will it be as a private ESL tutor such as myself, in an adult school, in a non-profit? The qualifications required will vary depending upon where you want to teach.

Please take a look at my page How to Start Teaching ESL for a more extensive answer.


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Eric said...

Good tips.

I would also suggest observing an adult ESL teacher and conducting informational interviews to make sure that you were actually interested in the profession. I've known several people who liked the idea of teaching English to adults in the abstract, but found it less than satisfying once they learned more about the profession.

Of course, as a monthly columnist for Easy English Times and co-author of an ESL textbook, I love the field. But many do not.

Name: Debra Garcia, M.A. said...

Great point, Eric. I second that thought!

Thanks for writing,