Thursday, September 3, 2009

Someone Has Stolen My ESL Blog

Yep. Some unscrupulous person has stolen all the content from this ESL blog and posted as his or her own. Amazing.

You can see the thief's blog at I guess he or she is a little behind, though. The last post the thief has as of today is only through February 1, 2009.

I've been writing this ESL blog since March 2007. For the first year, I wrote a post every day. It's a little disheartening to see that someone has stolen all of my work. But life goes on.

I've mentioned before how I advertise on and that I often get responses from scammers, people trying to steal money from other people. Now here's one more way for people to be dishonest.

With the internet there are just so many ways for unscrupulous people to behave. But there is a lot of good that can come from it, too. So I'll focus on that.

I suppose this world economic situation has people doing things that perhaps they would not normally do.



kate said...

it seems that the link is now dead. i hope you continue to post! your information has proven extremely useful for me. thanks so much!

Name: Debra Garcia, M.A. said...

Yep. Looks like Google and blogger have taken down the site that stole all my writings. I hope it doesn't show up again.

Sue said...

Sorry this happened to you, but please don't let it put you off! In my experience, people like this are few and far between.

Best of luck with your future blogging!

Nicole and Mon Voyage said...

I answered a tutoring ad on Craigslist a few months ago and got a real scam-in-the-making reply. Some guy said he wanted me to tutor his child for a rate 3 times what I normally charge. Then I was supposed to somehow transfer the money and it would be paid to me through their nanny or some such craziness. I forget the exact details. Needless to say, I did not bite!

Name: Debra Garcia, M.A. said...

Yes, this is very common. I think I get at least one such "offer" every time I post on CL.

I've posted more about these scams on this blog. If anyone would like to read more, go to "scams" under "Article Topics."

I should also admit that the first time I got one such email (years ago), I corresponded with the guy back and forth for about a few weeks. I even altered my Thanksgiving plans expecting to have a student every day for four week! Fortunately, no money was exchanged.

However, CL is still the best place for me to post ads. I just have to deal with these little annoyances.

I'm glad you didn't bite!

Liliya said...

I just read about stealers ( Id call them like this) Yeah, I share the feelings youhave. It is like depriving you of someone you love. NOt good, but that is nice to know that you can still focus on positive features of blogging and use them. Great
Liliya K.