Friday, April 27, 2007

ESL Cloze Exercise: Simple Present Conjugation

As discussed in Fundamentals of Teaching Verb Tenses, ESL students must know five forms of each verb in order to thoroughly conjugate a verb. Students must know the following verb usages: affirmative, negative, yes/no questions, short answers and WH- questions.

Here is a thorough verb conjugation for the Simple Present verb “to walk.” Each sentence is missing one word. Click here for a pdf version of this ESL cloze exercise. Or click here for the exercise in a table format. You'll be sent to a "file hosting" site and you can download the pdf version from there. Click the "Click here to start download" button.

Present Tense Exercise

Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb “to walk” OR the correct “helping” verb.

1. I ______ to school every day.
2. You ______ to school every day.
3. He/She/It ______ to school every day.
4. They ______ to school every day.
5. We ______ to school every day.


6. I ______ walk to school every day.
7. You don’t ______ to school every day.
8. He/She/It ______ walk to school every day.
9. They ______ walk to school every day.
10. We don’t ______ to school every day.


11. Do I ______ to school every day?
12. ______ you walk to school every day?
13. Does he/she/it ______ to school every day?
14. ______ they walk to school every day?
15. Do we ______ to school every day?

16. Yes, I ______.
17. No, I ______.

18. Yes, you ______.
19. No, you ______.

20. Yes, he/she/it ______.
21. No, he/she/it ______.

22. Yes, we ______.
23. No, we ______.

24. Yes, they ______.
25. No, they ______.

E. WH—QUESTIONS (who, what, where, when, why, how) (note: not all WH- words can be used with all verbs—sometimes they just don’t make sense)

26. When do you ______ to school every day?
27. Why do ______ walk to school every day?
28. Where ______ she go to school every day?
29. How does ______ get to school every day?
30. What ______ they do at school every day?

For more information about cloze exercises, see my ESL cloze exercises page.

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