Sunday, May 20, 2007

Introductions and Goodbyes

When I teach beginning ESL students, one of the first lessons I do is on introductions and goodbyes. I usually do this by providing a script to the student. I read the sentences and ask the student to repeat after me. Here's a short sample of an Introduction script for English as a Second Language learners:

A. Hello, Jenny. How are you?
B. Fine, thanks. How are you?
A. I'm fine, thank you.

And a short Goodbye script for ESL learners:

A. Goodbye, Maria. See you tomorrow!
B. Bye bye, James. Have a nice evening.
A. Thanks, you too!
B. Thanks.

It looks pretty basic, but these types of survival scripts can help ESL learners to feel a bit more comfortable in their everyday lives.


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