Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Teaching Future Simple Tenses

The Simple Future or the Future Simple using “will” is a fairly simple verb tense to teach ESL students. It’s formed by adding “will” in front of the base form of the verb. The formula is subject + will + base verb. For example, "I will write about the Simple Future tense."

The other way to form the Simple Future is using “be going to.” For example, "I’m going to read about verb tenses tonight," or "She's going to study English as a Second Language."

Teaching ESL students verb conjugation is only part of the lesson. You also have to teach verb form (affirmative, negative, yes/no questions, short answers, wh- questions) and verb function. The other thing you need to teach is when to use “will” and when to use “be going to.” This is a little more challenging for ESL students.

Here’ more information about Future Simple Tenses.


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