Thursday, August 30, 2007

Teaching "Marry" to ESL Students

For some reason, almost all of my ESL students--all levels--say "marry with" when they're talking about marrying someone. They will say, for example, "I married with my wife in 2003." It's a logical way to say it, I think. However, the verb "marry" is never followed by "with."

Another way to teach ESL students how to use this verb is with "to get married."

Here are some correct ways to use "marry."

He married her in 1999.

They got married in 1999.

She is married to him.

They are married to each other.

They got married to each other in 1999.

He got married to her in 1999.

They divorced in 2000.

They got divorced in 2000.

She divorced him in 2000.

They divorced each other in 2000.

But I digress....


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