Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Forgetting English Grammar

Currently, all of my ESL students are advanced and want to work on their speaking and conversation skills. We only occasionally need to review any grammar points. Mostly, we are focusing on accent reduction, pronunciation and general speaking skills.

I hope that I don't forget all that I have learned about grammar and teaching English grammar!



Anonymous said...

Don't worry about forgetting grammar. The mere fact that you are speaking English means that grammar is constantly being applied and memory is constantly being stimulated. It is fantastic that you are taking the time to teach your students Accent Reduction. With today's global workforce bringing together all the diverse speakers of English as a second language, it is vital that one's accent be understood. An understandable accent will make the difference in their job success. Cudos to you!


martos said...

I think grammar is a very important aspect in English. But when speaking in an informal or non-formal situation, sometimes we may ignore it. So, we should speak based on condition and situation.