Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reader Asks How To Start Teaching ESL

An email from Eileen in the U.S. asks:

"I am new to Chapel Hill, NC. I want to return to teaching ESL (I taught at Berlitz in the U.K. many moons ago) and need to know whether I need to be certified, where to start, etc. I would appreciate any advice on what to do first. Thanks!"

The requirements for teaching ESL will depend on many factors, such as where you want to teach, the type of institution, students, etc. Please read my page on How To Start Teaching ESL to get more information to start teaching ESL.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Eileen. I have lived in Chapel Hill for 13 years. I teach for Durham Technical Community College. They have a large ESL program and may be interested in hiring you. You can call the ESL department and ask for JoAnn or Karin (Karin is the ESL Program Director). Good Luck! Gary