Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Payment for ESL Lessons

When I take on a new student, I require that they sign an ESL tutoring contract and, at our first class, they must pay for that class and an equal amount that I hold as a deposit. I then apply the deposit to our last class together.

The other purpose of the deposit is to ensure that students keep their appointments or give me adequate cancellation notice. I require 24-hour notice for cancellation. If the student doesn't show up for class, then I apply the deposit to the missed class.

The other issue about payments for ESL lessons is whether to take checks or cash, or only one of the other. I allow my students to pay in whatever way is convenient for them. In over two years of private tutoring, I have never had a problem with receiving checks. Unfortunately, I had my first bounced check last week. This check was from a long-term student, so this was highly unusual. I guess it's just one more of the issues to deal with when you are self-employed. I'll be meeting with this student on Friday. Mistakes happen. We'll deal with it.

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