Monday, June 11, 2007

Prepositions of Place

Even for the most advanced ESL students, propositions can always use more practice. Many verbs are (usually) followed by certain prepositions. Some even entirely change the meaning of a verb by turning it into a phrasal verb.

ESL learners just have to memorize most prepositions, especially those that follow certain verbs (and even more so for those that create phrasal verbs). Some prepositions can be used interchangeably depending on the situation. This just adds more confusion for people learning English.

Prepositions of place, perhaps, are among the most consistent (that is, they have fewer exceptions). Prepositions of place are almost logical, if you can understand the preposition on its own.

To help reinforce students' learning of prepositions, you can always use ESL preposition worksheets. There's at least one at Free ESL Worksheets. This is a link to a page with worksheets on my ESL website.

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