Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Making Copies for ESL Students

I use several different textbooks and other resources for my private ESL students. You can see a list of the books I highly recommend for ESL teachers and tutors on my ESL Textbook Evaluation page. When I'm tutoring ESL students one-on-one , I draw from at least two or three different resources.

I often have handouts for my ESL students. I make copies of various grammar points and exercises that I give them. Because I draw from different resources, I rarely recommend a particular grammar or textbook for them to buy. This allows me flexibility and saves the student money. However, I've found that my copying costs can add up over time.

In any case, I never charge my students for copies I make for them. This is part of my cost of doing business, so I always save receipts and deduct this as a business expense on my tax return.


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